Bob DeMattia
Mon Aug 10 19:02:51 EDT 2009

The big switch is August 13th at 6am, at least that's what they are saying

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 6:05 PM, Jeff Lehmann<> wrote:
> "The rock of Boston WBCN" is going on 98.5 HD2. "Freeform BCN" is staying on
> 100.7 HD3.
> Jeff Lehmann
> Hanson, MA
> On Aug 10, 2009, at 5:51 PM, Nickolas Noseworthy <> wrote:
>> Ok, heres the deal so far with the wild transistion..
>> As of yesterday, WBCN and WBMX are no longer broadcasting any HD
>> subchannels (only HD1). WBMX no longer states its call letters on the screen
>> of my HD radio, it simply says MIX-FM instead of WBMX-FM. Free Form 104 is
>> now broadcasting on WZLX HD3, as Free Form BCN. So now the question is, will
>> Free Form BCN move back to WBZ-FM HD2 when it arrives as originally thought,
>> or will it stay on WZLX HD3? And, has  Mix 98.5 changed its call letters,
>> ever so quietly, but is not yet stating them on the rss display untill the
>> format switch is made?  And does anyone know excatly when WBCN will switch
>> to Mix and Mix will switch to sports (an exact hour of the day?)?  I would
>> like to record, but all i have is cassette tapes and I cant be recording
>> everything up to that.
>> -nick n
>> merrimack nh
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