WBZ Update

Paul Anderson paulranderson@charter.net
Thu Aug 6 17:53:17 EDT 2009

> The "SwooooshThrum" intro to Traffic on the Threes has been replaced  
> with a lengthy Synth-styled stinger with a repeating fade.

I like that intro but not necessarily for the traffic report.  It is a  
bit long.  The "headlines" sounder at :18 and :48 sounds good though.

And I wonder, why haven't they ever used an intro for the sports report?

And doesn't the :00 and :30 voice sound a little formal?  Who's the  
voice?  Maybe it's a bit jarring since I'm so familiar with the  
excellent WINS :00, :20 and :40 sounders with almost the same "the  
newswatch never stops" script.

And I also wonder if they have a new "breaking news" sounder.

The W-B-Z jingle is nicely used on all the new sounders and makes the  
station sound consistent.  As long as they don't bring back the  
"50,000 watts of power" or the "free at last, free at last" or "he's  
OJ Simpson!" intros.


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