WBZ Update

Doug Drown revdoug1@myfairpoint.net
Fri Aug 7 00:05:54 EDT 2009

I wonder if the "SwooshThrum" is being replaced on the other former Group W 
stations as well.  KDKA has long used it;  I'm not as sure about KYW and 

I guess traditions are made to be broken --- although at least CBS is using 
the old WBZ jingle again.  I'm glad for that.


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>> The "SwooooshThrum" intro to Traffic on the Threes has been replaced 
>> with a lengthy Synth-styled stinger with a repeating fade.
> I like that intro but not necessarily for the traffic report.  It is a 
> bit long.  The "headlines" sounder at :18 and :48 sounds good though.
> And I wonder, why haven't they ever used an intro for the sports report?
> And doesn't the :00 and :30 voice sound a little formal?  Who's the 
> voice?  Maybe it's a bit jarring since I'm so familiar with the  excellent 
> WINS :00, :20 and :40 sounders with almost the same "the  newswatch never 
> stops" script.
> And I also wonder if they have a new "breaking news" sounder.
> The W-B-Z jingle is nicely used on all the new sounders and makes the 
> station sound consistent.  As long as they don't bring back the  "50,000 
> watts of power" or the "free at last, free at last" or "he's  OJ Simpson!" 
> intros.
> Paul

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