Somewhat OT: Times Co. threatens to shutter Boston Globe.

Donna Halper
Sat Apr 4 12:05:50 EDT 2009

At 09:23 AM 4/4/2009, Dave Tomm wrote:
>I think that the ultimate endgame will be the print editions of both
>papers eventually being phased out and going to an online only
>model.   The Times would rather do this gradually than abruptly, like
>the Post-Intellegencer did in Seattle.  By cutting more jobs and
>restructuring some contracts, they can run a leaner print edition,
>with the paper getting thinner and thinner over time, and cheaper to

Two quick points-- well actually three.

1.  I am tired of the story being reported as if the unions are the 
bad guys.  While I agree that there are probably some bloated 
contracts, management (including the Times itself) made some poor 
business decisions and was slow to recognize the threat of online 
affecting their operation, plus their own executives made the big 
bucks for years.  I don't mind managers making big bucks, but I do 
mind the constant effort on the part of my media colleagues to 
portray every story in the simplistic "good guy/bad guy" frame.  Find 
somebody to blame, say it's their fault, wash, rinse, repeat.

2.  I am a neo-Luddite.  I accomodate new technology because it's in 
my best interest to do so, but left to my own devices, I'd rather 
talk to somebody on the phone or in person rather than send an 
Instant Message or a Tweet.  I am happy that so many newspapers have 
online editions, but I come from that demographic that was accustomed 
to books, magazines, and publications you can hold in your hand, 
touch, carry with you, etc.  It still is hard for me to read a 
newspaper  or a magazine online-- there have been studies about how 
digital media use a different part of the brain to process the 
information... things just look different to me when I read them 
online. Plus, the pictures look much better in the print edition 
(especially in magazines), and many online databases don't even 
include the graphics.  Just my opinion, and I know the younger demos 
are accustomed to reading online, so maybe it doesn't bother them that much.

3.  If the Boston Globe folds, what will local radio and TV stations 
do for their morning news? More often than not, the early casts 
consist of stories pulled directly (ripped from the pages!!!) out of 
the newspapers...     

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