New Non-comms In NH (Not Including Newburyport)

Sean Smyth
Mon Sep 29 18:30:34 EDT 2008

On Mon, 9/29/08, Laurence Glavin <> wrote:
> Scott's NERW today (09/29) included an item about
> WCNH-LP, now operating on
> 94.7 west of downtown Concord, NH.  It's received the
> ok from the FCC to move to 
> 91.5, transmitting from the town of Bow, NH, due south of
> Concord.  Scott 
> gives the facilities as 100 watts at 439 feet.  WCNH's
> signal toward the city
> should be better than that since its directional antenna
> offers peak coverage 
> at about zero degrees, or due north...and in that direction
> according to 
> FCC records, the effective altitude is 178 meters or 584
> feet. While I was
> looking at the new FM's in NH between 88.1 and 91.9, I
> noticed an application
> for a station in Milford on 88.7 by THE UNIVERSITY OF
> sometimes place repeaters and translators in adjoining
> states that nonetheless
> are designed to provide coverage into their home states. 
> Thus Connecticut 
> public radio stations have affiliates on Long Island, NY. 
> But the outlet in
> Milford, NH seems to provide coverage only in the Granite
> State.  Unusual.

-- WSUF is not merely an affiliate of WSHU, it provides an entirely separate service from WSHU-FM. And its signal is the lynchpin of the network that includes WSHU (AM). 

-- The Milford, N.H., allocation is for WUMB. Pat Monteith mentioned in an article that was published last year in The (Nashua) Telegraph that WUMB has a fair amount of listeners up in that area. 


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