New Non-comms In NH (Not Including Newburyport)

Laurence Glavin
Mon Sep 29 16:16:08 EDT 2008

Scott's NERW today (09/29) included an item about WCNH-LP, now operating on
94.7 west of downtown Concord, NH.  It's received the ok from the FCC to move to 
91.5, transmitting from the town of Bow, NH, due south of Concord.  Scott 
gives the facilities as 100 watts at 439 feet.  WCNH's signal toward the city
should be better than that since its directional antenna offers peak coverage 
at about zero degrees, or due north...and in that direction according to 
FCC records, the effective altitude is 178 meters or 584 feet. While I was
looking at the new FM's in NH between 88.1 and 91.9, I noticed an application
for a station in Milford on 88.7 by THE UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS!  Non-comms
sometimes place repeaters and translators in adjoining states that nonetheless
are designed to provide coverage into their home states.  Thus Connecticut 
public radio stations have affiliates on Long Island, NY.  But the outlet in
Milford, NH seems to provide coverage only in the Granite State.  Unusual.

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