Donna's new job

Donna Halper
Thu Sep 18 13:09:46 EDT 2008

For those that have not heard, I am now an Assistant Professor of 
Communication at Lesley University in Cambridge.  Lesley had 
historically been a school that trained future teachers and 
counselors, but it is now expanding into media education and will 
also be expanding its communication program.  Our hope is to have a 
student radio station at some point, as well as reviving the student 
newspaper.  If any of you wonderful list-members live near the 
university (my classes are one block from the Porter Square T stop on 
the red line) and would like to come in and chat with my students 
about your work in the media, I'd love to get a speakers' series 
started so the students get to hear real-world information from 
people who have actually worked in broadcasting or print.  I can't 
pay you, but I can certainly buy you an ice cream (we're right near 
Emack and Bolio's)!!!  

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