DOT-FM Re: WXZO format change to oldies?

Bill O'Neill
Thu Sep 18 16:36:26 EDT 2008

Bob Nelson wrote:
> Can anyone in the area confirm this? Thanks!
Yup, they flipped after Imus at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.  WEAV (960 
Plattsburgh) remains as "The Zone." I haven't been able to pickup 1320 
Randolph yet but I would imagine it would stay with 960.  The AM signal 
of WEAV is pathetic compared to where it was seven or eight years ago. 
Likely zippo for a ground plane and perhaps squirrels in residence in 
the transmitter out there across the lake.  Besides the abysmal 
propagation, the audio chain, processing, would make an old DAP sound 

As for DOT-FM, I am sure it will pique interest of folks who grew up 
with the former WDOT (1390 nee 1400 Burlington).  Some familiar voices 
from back then are pulling shifts.  Selling it as live and local but we 
know how that goes when the road bends.  If nothing else, it's amusing 
to hear reverb on the mic channel again and not en Espanol!  <ducking>

Bill <echo echo> O'Neill

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