How much $$ will TV stations save when they turn off theanalogtransmitters in Feb ?

Garrett Wollman
Mon Sep 8 12:38:17 EDT 2008

<<On Mon, 8 Sep 2008 09:16:37 -0500, "Kevin Vahey" <> said:

> A friend in Chicago who lives less than 4 miles from the John Hancock
> and 5 from Sears Tower (and has line of sight with both) simply can
> not get a picture on WBBM-DT. Everything else comes in perfectly.

> From what I can gather he is not alone with this problem. CBS says the
> problem will be solved come February but I have my doubts.

The problem will be solved because WBBM-TV is moving to channel 12 in
February.  They will be taking over WTTW's analog facility and
converting it to digital.


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