Sox network still way late with legal ID break

Scott Fybush
Mon Oct 6 18:36:33 EDT 2008

Paul B. Walker, Jr. wrote:
> Where does it say that a station has to ID before the first commercial at
> the end of the half inning? As far as I know, it's only required to ID at
> the first natural break in programming as close to the top of the hour as
> possible.
> now, mind you, if there were breaks between, say 7:55 and *:05, theres no
> reason for them to wait till 8:16 to do it.

Ever listen to a baseball game on the radio?

The spot breaks, traditionally, come on the half innings (or on pitching 
changes) - and common sense (as well as some amount of Enforcement 
Bureau precedent) suggests that if you take a spot break after TOH 
without having done a legal ID, you've blown past the "first natural 
break in programming."

WTIC, being WTIC, tends to run an ID right over the game if there hasn't 
been a break by :02 or so. It may be lacking in grace, but by god, 
they're not going to get fined for violating 47CFR73.1201!

And by the way...none of these criticisms should be limited solely to 
the Crimson Hose. I've heard plenty of other baseball nets, both major 
and minor league, blow right past where a legal ID should be, too.


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