Sox network still way late with legal ID break

Kevin Vahey
Mon Oct 6 13:29:32 EDT 2008

It was even worse later where the ID ran at 11:22 PM.

BTW does WRKO just send the Boston feed to the affiliates? The reason
I ask is on their stream has all local WRKO breaks including
ID instead of a clean network feed.

When Jane Day ran the Sox network out of WPLM Plymouth she made sure
that nothing WPLM related went on the bird.

On 10/6/08, Garrett Wollman <> wrote:
> On my way home from Sunday dinner, I listened to the Sox game on the
> flagship for a little while.  I noted that the Sox network is still
> not doing the legal ID break at the time that stations are legally
> required to identify (before the first commercial at the end of the
> half-inning).  This time the 8pm network ID break didn't happen until
> 8:16.  This has been a fairly consistent pattern every time I've
> listened to the Sox network this year.  I'm told that some network
> stations, like WTIC, have taken to inserting their own ID over the
> network audio.
> Would it be too late to mention this to the Commission in conjunction
> with WRKO's license renewal from 2005, which still has not been
> granted?  (Not that I'd want to make common cause with Ed Stolz....)
> -GAWollman

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