Letter/number nicknames, and "rounding off"...

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Fri Oct 3 16:33:08 EDT 2008

I remember when the 105.7 freq lic. to Framingham was WVBF...and I also remember how they used to have a nickname: "F-105"

These days such nicknames are first names (Jack, Jill, Mike, Hank, Frank--even XM gets into the
act with, I  kid you not, Fred, Ethel, and Lucy) or animal monikkers (The Fox, The Wolf,
Bear, Froggy, etc.) But for awhile, and maybe still today in some places you had letter/number
nicknames. Yeah, take one or two letters and a ref to the frequency and there you go:

WVBF 105.7 --- F-105

WMEX 1510 --- X-15

Oops, now that I think of it some still are in use! "B-101" Prov, or is that not being used
anymore?; Seacoast area used to have "B-95.3"
(now the Kiss simulcast, right?)

Any from the area I can't remember?

also on a slight tangent, how about stations who rounded off their frequencies?

(jingle): "Ninety-four....WCGY" (93.7 actually)
Chopping off last digit:
"WBZ 103(0)"
"68(0) WRKO"
"Radio 8" (800 AM, WCCM)
"85(0), WHDH"

"Rock 94 and a half, WCOZ" (94.5)

Of course some AM radios, expecially in the past, had rounded off spots on the dial

"5.4--7--9--11-13-15" or certainly
"54--70--90--110--130--150" ("x10 kHz")

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