Bill Drake Has Passed Away

Sun Nov 30 17:39:29 EST 2008

Sid Schweiger wrote:

>What the Wikipedia article doesn't say is that he personally voiced 
>at least one version of the HofR&R (they were usually voiced by one 
>of the DJs from the stations it aired on; "Bobby Mitchell" [Frank 
>Kingston Smith] did the WRKO/Boston version) as well as most of the 
>voice-only sweepers and IDs on the stations he consulted (as in: 
>"And now, ladies and gentlemen, Dale Dorman!" followed by the 
>legal-ID-as-jingle).  So, many people heard his voice without 
>knowing who it was.

I knew he was the one that was the imaging voice for the RKO-General 
stations during the "boss radio" era, but I wasn't aware he ever 
narrated HofR&R.  The original 1969 version was, as you said voiced 
by a jock at each station but every later version I ever heard was 
voiced by one of his LA jocks, either Humble Harve or Robert W. Morgan.

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