Bill Drake Has Passed Away

Sid Schweiger
Sun Nov 30 16:09:32 EST 2008

>>Drake's best known for his Top 40 format that he put 
on the air at KHJ and later on WRKO and other RKO General stations. He also 
teamed up with Gene Chenault to create Drake-Chenault, which produced 
jungles, automated radio formats and "The History of Rock & Roll" 48 hour 
special that first aired in 1969, and still airs occasionally on WODS and 
other stations.<<

What the Wikipedia article doesn't say is that he personally voiced at least one version of the HofR&R (they were usually voiced by one of the DJs from the stations it aired on; "Bobby Mitchell" [Frank Kingston Smith] did the WRKO/Boston version) as well as most of the voice-only sweepers and IDs on the stations he consulted (as in: "And now, ladies and gentlemen, Dale Dorman!" followed by the legal-ID-as-jingle).  So, many people heard his voice without knowing who it was.

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