What the public will tolerate :was The importance of local talk radio

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 16:17:27 EST 2008

People today would never watch a snowy or ghosted channel.

Today you can have an unwatchable signal in analog and yet perfect in DT.

Of course it still doesn't help my buddy who owns a bar in Chicago who
can not get anything on WBBM-TV even though he has a clear shot at the
Hancock. He even gets 6DT out of Milwaukee crystal clear.

He is at most 4 air miles from the Hancock...how can WBBM-DT have such
a horrible signal?

He is frustrated by the obscene charges DirecTV wants for HD service
in a bar. He pays nearly 2500 a year just to get NESN, CSN and
Patriots yet they still want him to pay 800 for 4 HD tuners and 60 a
month for HD service. He only has 48 seats so it just isn't worth it.

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