The importance of local talk radio

Donna Halper
Fri Nov 21 21:09:15 EST 2008

At 04:33 PM 11/21/2008, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>I thought he was based in San Diego. At least I think that he was on
>KLSD before it flipped from Progressive talk. And I don't think he was
>on KQKE. Of course, in this era, that doesn't say that he was living
>in or around San Diego. He could just as easily have been living in
>the Bay area.

I was at a seminar with Peter B a couple of months ago.  His show is 
indeed based on the west coast, but I forget the city-- it's 
definitely in California.  He and Jon Elliott were supposed to be 
involved in buying (or leasing?) a couple of stations. 

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