Have you seen today's Boston Globe?..

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Mon Nov 17 21:47:49 EST 2008

Sid Schweiger wrote:
>>> when comparing circs and radio audience, Rush Limbaugh is
>>> nationally seven
> times more influential than the New York Times or USA Today<<
> ...and since virtually no one under 50 years of age reads a
> newspaper, and since there is no news reported on Rush Limbaugh's
> show (only his "takes" on the news), you're comparing apples to
> oranges.  The New York Times has scant circulation outside the NYC
> metro and USA Today is mostly a freebie in hotels.

"Scant"? Not so. About half of the Times' circulation (hovering at about 
a million in recent years, 1.6 million on Sundays) comes from the 
national edition, and that's just print - there were something like 14 
million unique visitors to nytimes.com in August.

Eight hours outside the NYC metro, we have plenty of Times readers here 
in upstate New York, for whatever it's worth, and I have no trouble 
finding the paper even when I'm visiting the in-laws in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

USA Today, too, has matured considerably since its early hotel-freebie 
days. Only 44% of its circulation comes from bulk sales, based on the 
most recent numbers I can find, and the quality of the journalism has 
improved significantly.


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