Have you seen today's Boston Globe?..

Don A donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Sun Nov 16 14:47:43 EST 2008

> Anyone who doubts that right-wing talk radio still has an influence need
> only scroll up and see that otherwise intelligent  people have actually
> bought in to the absurd notion that  borrowers who were victims of 
> predatory
> adjustable mortgage schemes are to blame...

Let's just say, (like the Telecommunications act), there's plenty of blame 
to go around.

Finding one boogey man doesn't quite cover it.

I dont think it's a completely "absurd notion" that people who borrowed more 
than they could afford are partly to blame.

There's a comment I've heard in the investing world....when things start to 
not make sense, it's time to step back.

Why anyone would sign up for an "interest only" mortgage is beyond me.

I think if you want to see that right-wing talk radio still has an 
influence, just look at how people are parroting back all the lines almost 
verbatim about the fairness doctrine.

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