Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 11:19:38 EST 2008

I had the opportunity to tour "Vermont's Own" WCAX-TV (3) last week.  
The only thing more significant than the amazing facilities and ongoing 
capital investment was the genuinely friendly people who work there.  
Those among us in da biz over the years have come to expect that while 
there are some generous-with-their-time people, that's the exception.  
Interestingly, the on-air staff on Channel 3, who are all refreshingly 
low-key, were as easy to meet in person. 

As for the studio, WCAX runs the longest continuously running garden 
show (50 years), there's a working kitchen for cooking segments, and 
other rarities in today's local TV stations, not to mention one of the 
last of the sixty minute evening newscasts.  They are now producing a 
10pm cast for WCAXtra (3-2) making that 5 full casts every day. 

File under: Like a kid at Christmas

Bill O'Neill

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