Is WBZ the only TV and AM left in New England?

Garrett Wollman
Sun Nov 16 23:58:10 EST 2008

<<On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 22:55:26 -0500, Scott Fybush <> said:

> As Garrett alluded to in his response, most of these (Hubbard, Glendive 
> and Fisher being the exceptions) are old-line newspaper companies that 
> expanded into broadcasting.

Actually, I was alluding to the fact that they were all relatively
small group owners with a strong connection to the specific market in
which they kept their original radio-TV combos -- you could certainly
say that about Fisher and Hubbard as well.  It's perhaps particularly
instructive when you consider that Hearst sold off *all* their radio
properties, with the exception of WBAL/WIYY.  I believe that's true of
a number of the other operators on the list.  (Did Tribune ever own
radio outside Chicago?  I have a bit set that they did, but it could
just be cosmic rays.)

If you go back about fifteen years, before all the big group roll-ups,
there were a good number more, in similar situations.


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