Is WBZ the only TV and AM left in New England?

Scott Fybush
Sun Nov 16 22:55:26 EST 2008

> <<On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 18:34:12 -0500, "Doug Drown" <> said:
>> I don't think there are many of the old radio-TV combos left
>> ANYWHERE in the U.S. anymore.  Outside WBZ, the only ones that come
>> to my mind (right off the top of my head, admittedly,) are WGN in
>> Chicago; WSB in Atlanta; WTMJ in Milwaukee; KSL in Salt Lake City;
>> WBAL in Baltimore;

There are a few more old combos out there still, some in odd places.

WSBT AM-FM/WNSN-FM South Bend (South Bend Tribune/Schurz Communications)
KXLY AM-FM-TV Spokane (Morgan Murphy)
KSTP AM-FM-TV St. Paul (Hubbard)
KXGN AM-TV Glendive, Montana (Glendive Broadcasting)
KFMB AM-FM-TV San Diego (Midwest Communications)
WBNS AM-FM-TV Columbus (Dispatch)
KOMO AM-TV/KPLZ-FM Seattle (Fisher)

As Garrett alluded to in his response, most of these (Hubbard, Glendive 
and Fisher being the exceptions) are old-line newspaper companies that 
expanded into broadcasting.

A couple of FM-TV combos that have sold off their AMs but kept FM:

WSOC FM-TV Charlotte (Cox)
WRAL FM-TV Raleigh (Capitol)
WTHI FM-TV Terre Haute (recently split up, with Emmis selling the TV)

WBT/WBTV in Charlotte was also just split up within the last year or so, 
with Lincoln Financial Media selling the radio side to Greater Media.

Off the top of my head, here's the full (?) list of former commercial 
combos in New England:

WAGM AM-TV Presque Isle (AM now dark)
WABI AM-FM-TV Bangor (AM still has the calls under new owners)
WLBZ AM-TV Bangor (AM now WZON)
WVII-TV/WGUY Bangor (AM now dark)
WCSH AM-TV Portland (AM now WZAN)
WGAN AM-FM-TV Portland (TV now WGME)
WMTW TV-FM Poland Spring/Portland (FM now WHOM; WMTW calls later reused 
on other Portland radio stations)
WMUR AM-FM-TV Manchester (AM-FM now WGIR)
WCAX AM-TV Burlington (AM now WVMT)
WBZ AM-FM-TV Boston (FM now WMJX, AM-TV still intact)
WHDH AM-FM-TV Boston (TV lost license, AM now WEEI)
WNAC AM-FM-TV Boston (TV now WHDH, AM now WRKO)
WTAO AM-TV Cambridge (AM now WJIB, TV now WLVI)
WJAR AM-TV Providence (AM now WHJJ)
WPRO AM-FM-TV Providence (TV now WPRI)
WHYN AM-FM-TV Springfield (TV now WGGB)
WTIC AM-FM-TV Hartford (TV now WFSB)
WATR AM-FM-TV Waterbury (FM now WWYZ, TV now WTXX)
WNBC AM-TV New Britain (AM now WRYM, TV now WVIT)

The vast majority of these combos were broken up in the seventies, as 
the FCC changed its policies to encourage the breakup. At one point, 
there was serious consideration being given to a rules change that would 
have limited owners to ONE STATION - period - in a market.


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