Is WBZ the only TV and AM left in New England?

Garrett Wollman
Sun Nov 16 21:52:01 EST 2008

<<On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 18:34:12 -0500, "Doug Drown" <> said:

> I don't think there are many of the old radio-TV combos left
> ANYWHERE in the U.S. anymore.  Outside WBZ, the only ones that come
> to my mind (right off the top of my head, admittedly,) are WGN in
> Chicago; WSB in Atlanta; WTMJ in Milwaukee; KSL in Salt Lake City;
> WBAL in Baltimore;

Think for a moment about what all these stations have in common.

WGN: Tribune
WSB: Cox
WTMJ: Journal
KSL: Bonneville
WBAL: Hearst

> the other CBS/Westinghouse O&Os;

Well, erm, yes and no.  The CBS O&Os: New York, Chicago, Minneapolis,
and Los Angeles are all Old-with-a-capital-O; Detroit was put together
no more than a few years before the CBS-Westinghouse merger; and the
CBS combo in Philadelphia was broken up with the merger.  On the
Westinghouse side: Baltimore never had TV; San Francisco was
relatively recent; Boston, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh were all old;
and W never owned TV in Chicago or Los Angeles.  Denver, Miami, and
Salt Lake City were all traded from NBC in the Philadelphia deal, and
I don't think CBS had owned radio in those markets.  DFW isn't old;
the TV that CBS owns in Fort Worth was never associated with any of
CBS's radio properties in the market (the erstwhile KRLD-TV is now
Fox-owned KDFW).

> and the former ABC O&Os, the radio components of which are now owned
> by Citadel, of course, which is kinda-sorta connected to ABC.

Not "kinda-sorta".  ABC Radio is owned by Citadel.  They have a
contractual arrangement with Disney to use certain resources owned by
ABC television, including the trademark, and lease some real estate to
each other.  (The leases go both ways -- in Los Angeles right now,
AFAICT, the Disney stations are still in 3321 La Cienega with the
Citadel/ABC stations while they build out new studios for KSPN and
KDIS in another location.)


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