Last thoughts on the Fairness Doctrine....

Don A
Sun Nov 16 23:51:32 EST 2008

>> For those that have an opinion, how do you think this should have been
>> handled?
> Very scary example, IMO.  Any time someone on a broadcast station attacks 
> an author of a controversial book, the station would have to let the 
> author respond.

Anytime a broadcaster allows their airwaves to be used irresponsibly to make 
false allegations against someone who has no way to respond.

> So in this past campaign, Andy Martin was attacking Obama all over the 
> place.  If a station pointed out Martin's personal track record, he would 
> get time to respond?  Wonderful.

As Sid pointed out, reporting facts is one thing (a track record)....but 
broadcasting false allegations (i.e..lies) is another.

Why should I be allowed to attack Dan Billings on my radio station (and the 
public's airwaves) and say viscious and untrue statements, without giving 
you a way to respond?

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