Last thoughts on the Fairness Doctrine....

Roger Kirk
Sun Nov 16 23:21:59 EST 2008

Sid Schweiger wrote:
>>> So in this past campaign, Andy Martin was attacking Obama all over the 
> place.  If a station pointed out Martin's personal track record, he would 
> get time to respond?  Wonderful.<<
> Depends on whether the FCC, as arbiter of the FD, would consider a recitation of facts as an attack.  If a station points out Martin's personal track record, and inserts opinions as part of it, no doubt it's an attack.  But sticking to facts may not qualify.
Warning - Tongue Firmly In Cheek Here!

Seems that Politics in Broadcasting is rife with rabid attacks.  Imagine 
all this intense passion transported to other genres of Talk Radio?  
Like Restaurant Shows!?!

Pat Whitley doing a Michael Savage-esque excoriation and ridicule of a 
"perverted" chef that served a left-wing of chicken.

Howie Carr treating his listeners to an over-the-top rant about how 
overpaid a restaurant owner must be because his prices were too high. 

Picture Emeril pontificating like Rush Limbaugh on "The Right Way (The 
ONLY Way) To Prepare A Dish" and how certain restaurants were just 
totally, bone-headedly wrong.

Restaurant commercials that, instead of telling you how great their food 
& service are, proceed to tear down other eating establishments - using 
innuendo, half-truths and "bordering-on-slanderous" statements.

CNN breaking stories based on "leaked" reports of an eatery's alleged 
health violations.  Greta Van Susteren setting up camp outside the door, 
doing an exit poll for each & every patrons as they leave.

Eddie Andelman & Billy Costa in a WWF Steel-Cage Grudge Match over who 
makes the best fries!

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