Last thoughts on the Fairness Doctrine....

Garrett Wollman
Mon Nov 17 00:02:26 EST 2008

<<On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 23:51:32 -0500, "Don A" <> said:

> Why should I be allowed to attack Dan Billings on my radio station (and the 
> public's airwaves) and say viscious and untrue statements, without giving 
> you a way to respond?

Dan has plenty of ways to respond without using your radio station to
do it.  He can advertise on a competing station, for example.  He
could sue you for defamation (which should be fairly easy since he's
not a "public person" and you're conceding "untrue statements").  In
that case, you would probably agree to settle rather than letting it
go to trial, and you might agree -- of your own free will -- to allow
him to respond on your air as a part of the settlement.


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