Donna's article from Taylor's Radio-Info

Bob Nelson
Tue Nov 11 07:53:37 EST 2008

It isn't just talk radio, as she points out: Liberal viewpoints are not exactly absent from TV (Olbermann,
Matthews, et al), newspapers (Globe, N.Y. Times), magazines (Rolling Stone, which often
had a very negative image of McCain--a man who almost became John Kerry's running mate
in '04), alternative weeklies (Bos. Phoenix), movies (Michael Moore and friends),
comedians (ever see a CONSERVATIVE comic?), music (there were several ROCK AGAINST
BUSH albums; left-leaning concerts like "Rock For Change", etc.)

And I would think that several of these "voices" were around in the last two
elections, too. 

TV shows, too; I enjoy "Family Guy" and am watching the new box set now. One episode
has Mr. Olbermann as a guest voice, and the show's creator is heard on commentary
encouraging people to watch MSNBC instead of that nasty Mr. O'Reilly on Fox News.
We do not hear a rebuttal from Rupert Murdoch on the commentary (though Seth
MacFarlane did mention him when he said "Rupert is a businessman first and
a Republican second", as he allows much liberal humor on the regular Fox network. 
Oh, and Stewie's teddy bear is named Rupert too :) )
For the record, Olby voices a nasty man who dumps sewage into Lake Quahog...

But who knows, it may have played a part. Hey, it's a good thing for the Democrats
that they already had New England sewed up, as Air America is largely absent
from radio here (though some lefty voices are heard, even on big stations like
WTKK--Eagan & Braude, WBZ--Leveille). Heavens, the Republicans may have actually
done better than their roster of three senators and zero Representatives
(in '08 election) in the six state region had there been no liberal talk radio 
at all :)

Talk radio may have played a part but please remember that there are more than
a few voices from the left in other media. Take away Fox News (which even now
is shifting left) and conservative talk radio, and there would be hardly
any "voices from the right". (I would say the Net contributes to both sides,
so call that one "even")

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