Donna's article from Taylor's Radio-Info

Donna Halper
Tue Nov 11 12:55:54 EST 2008

At 07:53 AM 11/11/2008, Bob Nelson wrote:
>It isn't just talk radio, as she points out: Liberal viewpoints are 
>not exactly absent from TV (Olbermann,
>Matthews, et al), newspapers (Globe, N.Y. Times), magazines (Rolling 
>Stone, which often
>had a very negative image of McCain--a man who almost became John 
>Kerry's running mate
>in '04), alternative weeklies (Bos. Phoenix), movies (Michael Moore 
>and friends),
>comedians (ever see a CONSERVATIVE comic?), music (there were 
>BUSH albums; left-leaning concerts like "Rock For Change", etc.)

Oh dear.  Bob conveniently forgets that TV and radio talk shows are 
still dominated by conservative voices, and that the majority of 
newspapers have equal numbers of conservative commentators to the 
liberal ones in most cases.  Also, regarding Chris Matthews, he came 
over from the "dark side"-- in previous elections, he was absolutely 
NOT a leftie, and was quite supportive of President Bush, the Iraq 
War, etc.  But like many moderate righties (including the son of the 
founder of National Review, Christopher Buckley), he became 
disenchanted with how Republicans governed (or failed to govern) the 
country.  There certainly are rightie comedians-- Dennis Miller comes 
to mind-- and many of the stars of country music were as vehemently 
pro-McCain as the leftie sources he names were anti-Bush.

>Bob also wrote--
>And I would think that several of these "voices" were around in the last two
>elections, too.

Yes, but my point was that in the past elections, such voices were 
scattered.  Then as now, righties dominated the talk shows.  But this 
time, there was a group effort to counter what the righties were saying.

Also, I do not believe, as many of my rightie friends do, that "the 
media" are liberal.  As I have said before, the media are corporate, 
and they love an exciting story.  Yeah they ridiculed McCain and 
Palin sometimes (a lot less with McCain however-- even he has 
acknowledged that he has deep friendships with many in the media), 
but they climbed all over Obama about Rev. Wright and the "bitter" 
comments and other stories they thought would get them some viewers 
or readers or listeners.  Obama, like him or not, was an exciting 
story, and as the story unfolded, many media outlets jumped on it and 
even supported his candidacy where they had never supported a 
Democrat ever.  I would hardly call the Chicago Tribune liberal-- 
they were and are right-wing in their editorial policy and had NEVER 
come out in favour of a Democrat in their entire 155 year 
history--  till this election.

Bob wrote--
>Talk radio may have played a part but please remember that there are more than
>a few voices from the left in other media.

And there are more than a few voices from the right too.  But my 
point was that in past elections, the left had no organized way to 
counter the right-wing talking points.  This election, they did, and 
I say it worked.

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