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Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Sat Nov 8 13:48:02 EST 2008

Donna wrote:
>>shows where the host is a rightie but a moderate 
rightie, or a rightie who respects the opinions of even those with 
whom he (or she) disagrees. 

Dan Rea for one...
I don't know if the right controls 95 per cent of talk shows in
Boston. Steve Leveille, Jim Braude, Margery Eagan (on some
issues) are some examples. Nationally, if you're saying AAR/
Jones is doing well, add them to the mix and it's not exactly
95 to 5. Also consider that some national hosts aren't
totally right wing; Dennis Miller is to the left on some

CC Boston needed to do a local talk show (and work on the signal).
Though in some areas, at least by day, 1200 wasn't bad even
before the tower move (or 1430, in some areas, was OK).

Some other companies may have given prog talk a better shake
on bigger signals, including Entercom (WWKB Buffalo) and
even, for a time, Bonneville which put some libtalkers on
the short-lived WWWT in D.C.

Laura Ingraham has had some on from the Left; so has
Hannity (he will refer to it as a "shootout" though) and
callers from the left are usually welcome (witness "Steve From
Montreal", etc. on Howie's show)...even if it's so Howie
can make fun of them...

>>but on the air 
he's just one more rightie.  

And Mr. Olbermann, on the air, is just one more leftie :)

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