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Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Sat Nov 8 14:02:54 EST 2008

>Bob wrote--
>And Mr. Olbermann, on the air, is just one more leftie :)

Ah but he's my future husband, so show him some 
respect!!!  8-)   Actually, it's interesting that MSNBC, which is NOT 
in any way leftie in the daytime (in fact, several of its daytime 
hosts have identifiable ties to right-wing candidates and causes), 
got such huge numbers with Keith and Rachel at night-- the myth was 
that nobody would watch or listen to liberals on the air.  Well... 
that's certainly inaccurate, given the big numbers that Keith and 
Rachel are getting-- over the past couple of months, in fact, Keith 
has frequently beaten Bill O'Reilly in the 25-54 demographic, 
according to TVNewser and Editor & Publisher.  And as for radio, the 
very respectable numbers people like Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller 
are getting show that there IS a market for progressive talk in a 
number of cities.

When I said 95% of all talk shows are conservative, Bob, those 
figures are national and they come from my friends at Talkers 
magazine, a generally right-leaning publication which last year for 
the first time gave progressive talker Ed Schultz an award as one of 
the top-5 most influential hosts nationally.  And Ed's local show in 
Fargo, where he is the ONLY liberal on an all rightie station (KFGO) 
also gets huge numbers, even though much of his listenership 
vehemently disagrees with his views.  But he is one of a dying 
breed-- like him or hate him, he includes callers from both sides of 
the issues and has guests from both sides as well.  But no kidding, 
as one who grew up with David Brudnoy and Jerry Williams, I miss the 
reasoned approach, where hosts had strong views but didn't insult 
people who disagreed with them.    

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