Fairness Doctrine

Dave Tomm nostaticatall@charter.net
Fri Nov 7 16:54:59 EST 2008

Palin's clothes were fair game.  Heck, if John Edward's $400 haircut  
could get a couple weeks of mileage on wingnut radio during the  
primaries, why can't Caribou Barbie's excess spending be reported?

And the latest clothing and "grasp of the issues" stories about Palin  
earlier this week were broken by.......Fox News.

-Dave Tomm

On Nov 5, 2008, at 8:01 PM, radiotony wrote:

> I didn't see it in the print edition.
> I just did a Google News search of "Illegal alien aunt, Obama" ...
> 87. Most of the links are blogs. It was in a few daily newspapers.
> Compare that to the Palin clothing and make up searches
> which I did a couple of weeks ago:
> Her hair and makeup expenses [16,900 hits]
> and the clothes [161,000 Google hits].

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