Fairness Doctrine

Richard Chonak rac@gabrielmass.com
Fri Nov 7 23:11:11 EST 2008

radiotony wrote:
> I didn't see it in the print edition. 
> I just did a Google News search of "Illegal alien aunt, Obama" ... 
> 87. Most of the links are blogs. It was in a few daily newspapers.

Well, be realistic, radiotony.   How many newspapers are going to use 
the term "illegal alien" in a story about illegal immigration?

A Google search for the words "obama aunt boston" turns up 537,000 hits, 
many of them from mainstream media outlets, around Oct 31 and Nov 1.

Personally, I won't mind too much if she stays around.   Most Presidents 
get to have embarrassing relatives: remember Billy Carter, Ron Reagan 
Jr., the Bush daughters, Roger Clinton.   If Hillary had been elected, 
I'd have added Bill to the list.  :-)


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