More on Fairness Doctrine (was: Herald: Obama victory benefits right wing radio)

Bill O'Neill
Thu Nov 6 17:07:57 EST 2008

Bob Nelson wrote:
> and mentioned that the same people who want it to NOT be brought back are the same people who want
> pornography to be prohibited/regulated.)
I see that link-attempt all over the ether -- the seeming paradox that 
the same cohort which favors pornography/sexual content runs opposition 
to the Fairness Doctrine. 

IMHO, the differences between these two are more than subtle -- content 
that may not be suitable for children is something that most reasonable 
people would agree upon.  Opinion distinctives are the stuff of much 
analysis and discussion and are far more subjective. 

Limbaugh is often cited as the benchmark for conservative viewpoint, but 
what happens if a station hires or bird-feeds a talker who, while 
ideologically linked to one end of the spectrum takes a walk on the wild 
side to the other end of the opinion spectrum from time-to-time? Does 
that run afoul of the very Fairness Doctrine that got them the gig to 
begin with? 

The whole thing is nonsense. I don't want to get a gig only to have some 
pointy-head scope me out only to gavel-down on my viewpoint and 
designate me such that it has a direct impact on the business of my 
employer.  That's Orwellian to the core and if you don't agree, then 
you'd better opine while you still can.

Bill O'Neill

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