Herald: Obama victory benefits right wing radio

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Thu Nov 6 03:05:25 EST 2008


Jessica Heslam of the Herald points out that conservative talk radio could experience a boom with the
election of Barack Obama, similar to what happened with Rush Limbaugh in 1992 with Clinton's election.
She also talks about the rumors of the Fairness Doctrine coming back. (Some are saying it's not
a high priority for the Pres.-elect, by the way, but NY's Charles Schumer seems to support it--
and mentioned that the same people who want it to NOT be brought back are the same people who want
pornography to be prohibited/regulated.)

btw for those who say the Herald is a conservative paper, take note of the fact that they endorsed Obama and Kerry
as well as a No vote on Question 1. Each paper has their own columnists on both sides of the aisle, and the editorial
boards of each may not necessarily agree with the certain viewpoint one would expect. Good thing this is still
a two newspaper town, though...)

Incidentally, one would have expected liberal talk radio to have thrived in the past few years what with the
now-waning Bush administration but as far as I know, the only (commercial) liberal talk stations still around are
the three in Western MA and WKVT in southeastern VT (simulcast in Keene NH). If a serious effort had been
made at WKOX and WXKS (perhaps with local hosts and waiting around for the improved signal of 1200), they could
have benefitted.

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