Is it FM reception in Back Bay or something else?

Thu Nov 6 00:11:57 EST 2008

Hi, guys, I am new at your forum and this subject might be discussed.  I
looked at your archives briefly and I did not found any. sine you are all
local I would like to ask what is the hell going on with my FM?

I am Boston's  Back Bay resident, Marlborough and Clarendon. I have a big
directional Winegard on a top of my roof and night signal to fry chicken.  I
have a number of top plying FM tuners (I do not do HD), properly aligned and
I know how to use them. I am classical music listener and care only about
WGBH, WHRB and WCRB, I also care are about quality of sound.

So, I get WGBH fine but the WHRB and WCRB I am getting with unpleasant
noise. It is not the noise of front end overload of anything like this. The
WCRB do HD and the noise I get is not the HD's noise as I have very strong
post-detection filtration.  I was trying to filter out and to notch anything
I thought might interfere with WHRB and WCRB but with no effect. It looks
like the noise is sitting on the upper side of sideband. Cutting the
sideband of cause I loose the noise and of loose the separation. The fun
part is the noise is larger and larger each year.

Is it that somebody else experience as well? The WHRB is becoming totally
ruined from my location.

Rgs, Romy the Cat


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