Memoirs of A Shackie (was RE: That infernal hum - Radio shack)

A. Joseph Ross
Wed May 28 11:39:11 EDT 2008

On 27 May 2008 at 22:14, Lou wrote:

> They would hire people, stick a sales book in their hands and throw
> them out onto the sales floor.  We were not encouraged to provide
> technical assistance, but were most encouraged to sell, sell, sell! 
> "Would you like to buy a radio to go with your free battery??"  And we
> were seriously frowned-upon if we didn't take names and addresses on
> every sales ticket.

Which I always refused to give.
> And the brushes with local celebrities was impressive.  I had
> personally met Jack Aynsley, Bob Montgomery and JJ Wright!  All were
> very cool, very gracious individuals who were obviously struck by my
> slick sales style.
Just a couple of years ago, at the Coolidge Corner Radio Shack, I 
overheard a conversation a woman was having with a sales person, 
about the WEEI traffic helicopter crash back in the early 1980s or 
so.  Turned out the woman was the widow of Chip Whitmore, who was the 
traffic reporter killed in that crash.  She was impressed that I 
actually remembered the incident, and we had a very interesting 

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