Memoirs of A Shackie (was RE: That infernal hum - Radio shack)

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 Hey Lou:

Now there's a name from the past....Jack Aynsley!  I wonder what ever became
of the rest of the ole' WBET/WCAV-FM air staff?


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It's been amusing reading all the Radio Shack commentary out here.  Back in
1982, I was so hard up for work, I took a job at my local Radio Shack.  The
pay was horrible (minimum wage + sales commission), but it turned out to be
one of the most fun jobs of my life - so far.

They would hire people, stick a sales book in their hands and throw them out
onto the sales floor.  We were not encouraged to provide technical
assistance, but were most encouraged to sell, sell, sell!  "Would you like
to buy a radio to go with your free battery??"  And we were seriously
frowned-upon if we didn't take names and addresses on every sales ticket.

And the brushes with local celebrities was impressive.  I had personally met
Jack Aynsley, Bob Montgomery and JJ Wright!  All were very cool, very
gracious individuals who were obviously struck by my slick sales style.


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I tend to go to You Do It Electronics in Needham for a lot of those things
now.  Radio Shack isn't very useful, and they're very annoying in the way
they try to push things that I have no intention of buying.

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