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I have been told by a person who works in engineering at one of the
three stations that, outside of the building on a concret pad, there
will also be (or maybe by now, there already is) an emergency
generator that will power all three stations in the event of an
ac-power failure. Given the high efficiency of the solid-state
transmitters to be used by all three stations, a 150-kW (~200
horesepower) generator would probably be quite adequate, although my
source did not indicate the rating or tell me whether this generator
would be powered by a diesel engine or one fueled by natural gas. My
guess is the latter, since there would then be no need to store a
large quantity of a combustable, toxic substance on the property. In
any event, because of the City of Newton's draconian regulations,
which prohibited enlarging the building, there was no room for the
generator inside the building. Presumably, an internal-combustion
engine rated for a continuous 200-HP output would be a good deal
larger than a 200-HP automobile engine because automobile-engine
ratings are for peak power. I would hope that there is room for the
storage batteries for the starter motor inside the building. If the
batteries must live outside, they would have to be physically quite
large to start such an engine in the dead of winter!

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My travels on the holiday had me driving on route 128 in the western
so since I was alreading expending humongus amounts of cash for gas
I decided to make a side trip to the WUNR/WRCA/WKOX complex in Oak
Park to observe any changes since my last visit.  Well, for one thing,
house trailer is gone, and another, a new HUGE green transformer has
installed on a concrete platform.  So it may be time for Mike
at NECRAT and for Garrett to put up new pix that reflect these minor
(BTW, I also noted that these days WTTT-AM 1150 IS performing a
pattern switch
at 8:00 pm.)

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