Ch.7 w/Reduced Power (In DTV Transition?)

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild
Wed May 28 10:17:22 EDT 2008

I noticed last night at 9:15pm that WHDH-7 was rather snowy up here on 
the North Shore (related to yesterday afternoon's electrical 
storm——more accurate description than "thunderstorm" P=)——?).  Then 
this morning around 5:45am WSBK-38 also seemed snowy, though now they 
are back to normal/full strength.
While I think they ('HDH) are at reduced power, are they one of the 
channels that are going to revert their DTV channel to their analog, 
and maybe they are doing some xmtr work or testing DTV on Ch.7?  I 
strongly doubt that is the case, but since a DTV signal does overlay 
an analog co-channel as "snow", that is a conceivable possibility 
(though at a co-existent or closely adjacent xmtr site, highly 
unlikely in this case).


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