Sunday Nights on WBZ, WBZA in 1929

Tue May 13 11:22:08 EDT 2008

Was Clifton Fadiman's (I think that was his name) erudite and very 
famous (in its day) "Information Please" radio program associated with 
any magazine? I know that the program later begat the annual 
Information Please Almanac, which may still be published and was a 
worthy competitor of Scripps-Howard's World Alamanc. I'm pretty sure, 
though, that the radio program begat the almanac, not the other way 

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> At 11:43 PM 5/12/2008, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>>  There aren't many of the classic American
>>literary magazines left any more.  It used to be that every 
>>had one (to promote its authors);
> Today, the closest we get is New Yorker, maybe Esquire, maybe New 
> Republic or Harpers.  But all of those literary magazines also 
> promoted or sponsored radio shows back then... One of the magazines 
> that did really well using the show as a vehicle for keeping the 
> name of their magazine in front of everyone was Time, which their 
> widely praised "March of Time" weekly radio news magazine.  Literary 
> Digest also sponsored a weekly show... and for a while, so did Radio 
> Digest, a fan magazine about the stars and shows in broadcasting... 
> The Depression killed off Literary Digest, and Radio Digest too... 
> but of course, Time survived. 

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