report: NBC to sell Hartford, Miami TVs

Thu Mar 20 20:25:09 EDT 2008

No idea how common it is in TV. In radio, buying the same station
multiple times seems quite common. In fact it would be interesting to
try to figure out which station holds the record for having been
bought multiple times by the same buyer and how many times that buyer
acquired it. I would be surprised if three purchases of one station by
the same buyer were the record. I suspect the record is at least four
purchases and I would not be surprised if it were five. What would be
still more interesting would be to discover that some staff member
stayed with the station through all of those sales and repurchases.
Getting him or her to reminisce about having his/her employer sold out
from under him/her and a few years later discovering that s/he would
once again be working for the former owner ought to make for a
fascinating interview. In fact, it sounds like the stuff of which old
TV comedy series were made.

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> This will be the second time NBC sells its CT station.  The company
> owned
> the station for a short time in the 50s.  Never heard of a company
> buying
> and selling a station twice.

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