Laura Ingraham MAY Be Leaving Talk Radio

Bob Nelson
Fri Jun 6 14:54:06 EDT 2008

Who knows--I thought that his Sat night DJ Antonio (who used to come on after Doug
Mascott's local music show--I did some fill-ins for him) bought some time: "Not
JUST another tailor shop, Antonio's Tailor Shop offers..."

It's possible he may have local advertisers on but most of what he runs are
national shows with national ads (get to carry the shows by running the ads...?)
Talk Radio Network btw is not fussy about getting its shows on smaller
stations in the same market/region as well as the big ones, thus you have shows like Ingraham, Doyle,
and Savage running on the likes of WCRN and WNSH as well as WRKO and WTKK.

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