Laura Ingraham MAY Be Leaving Talk Radio

Laurence Glavin
Fri Jun 6 13:54:31 EDT 2008

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>WNSH will pick up Stephanie Miller the day Howie Carr endorses Barack Obama
>(right, Keating? :) ) But who knows.
>What's funny about "Women's Talk Radio" is that the hosts after 6 pm
>are decidedly male: Michael Reagan, Jerry Doyle, etc.
>What might be more likely given Keating's political views is that if
>any Miller gets picked up it would be Dennis from Westwood One (starts
>at 10 am)

>From a recent sampling of WNSH programming, the only commercials airing on
the station are for Endicott College and an electrician in Beverly...
possibly the guy who wired his studio ande new transmitter?

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