WCMF ... CoMFy chairs?

Matthew Osborne mattosborne1976@yahoo.com
Mon Jun 2 21:52:57 EDT 2008

On Mon, 2 Jun 2008 15:53:23 Blaine Thompson
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> I have not studied enough broadcasting, but I once
> (first) read that
> announcers sound better on the air if they are
> standing up.  I do not know
> what the research says on this, though.
> As for the furniture situation in this studio, are
> we all positive that the
> furniture is being used while the DJ's are actually
> on the air?  That may be
> one (justifiable) explanation as to why the "comfy
> furniture" is there.

Okay let me try to respond to this email again without
my computer randomly powering itself off in the middle
of it and losing everything.  As a former Rochester
radio personality/promotions assistant/etc I feel very
qualified to comment on this.  For a *very* brief
period of time before going to Entercom I interned at
CBS Radio Rochester (about the time this studio was
built).  I can tell you that this studio with all the
comfy furniture and "trimmings" was most definitely
used while that show was on the air.  In fact, I
believe Scott took that picture while everyone in that
room was "live".  There were several sofas and comfy
chairs, and a desk at which Brother Wease sat.

    For those of you outside the Rochester NY radio
market, Brother Wease has hosted a top-rated morning
show there for over 20 years.  As part of one of his
contract renewals with CBS, he got his own private
studio built for him and his show.  This studio was so
private, in fact, that *NOBODY* outside of his show
and its staff and guests were even allowed inside that
room (there was a big memo posted on the studio door
reminding everyone in the building of this policy). 
For all of us "other" people, there was a huge window
on the door and glass walls around the studio so
everyone could clearly see everything inside.  This
studio was clearly "overbuilt" in my opinion for the
Rochester radio market.  There was talk at one point
of syndicating his show to other markets, but their
first attempt with Buffalo was such a failure it never
got off the ground.  I can also tell you this - when
CBS had this studio complex built, they pulled out all
the stops - that complex looked like something you
would expect to find at a Top-10 market leading
cluster, not in Rochester NY.  Unfortunately, I found
that several of the people working there were not of
the same quality as the complex itself.  Although
Entercom's old studios in Midtown Plaza were
practically decrepit compared to CBS, at least they
treated their interns and employees like actual human
beings and showed them respect.
    As far as announcers sounding better on the air if
they are standing up, I've never read any research on
this but I personally *ALWAYS* stand up whenever I
open the mic to speak, whenever possible.  It just
feels better to me - I feel like I have much better
control over my voice and can project it better when
standing up as opposed to sitting down.

                                Matt Osborne
                                Schenectady, NY


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