Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 09:51:21 EDT 2008

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> I don't
> think iBiquity or the major radio groups that bankrolled it ever
> really considered this somewhat counter-intuitive effect. But for
> sure, if the effect exists, the down market in radio revenues will
> only accentiate it.
If branding still matters to listeners (and, for that matter, 
broadcasters) then they could sell it. For instance, a main signal that 
features classical could offer HD options that complement, e.g., new 
age, opera,  etc. There could be well-designed cross-packaging (learning 
a bit from Sirius) such that you are selling all of your signals to the 
same person at the same time.  I can see your point, however, that pure 
volume of options can dilute paint  share. 

Otoh, if the main signal shares HDs with completely unrelated offerings, 
then it would be tougher to cross-plug for a ton of reasons.  VPR and 
VPR Classical have done an amazing job at complementing two separate 
services (some on HDs others on stand-alones) but it's the same concept.

All of this may be more likely to work in a heritage radio market 
(regardless of rank or size) where change has been slow to occur.  If a 
small market local were to survive the cost of upgrading and were to 
assign long form audio segments from municipal meetings, etc., may seem 
like drying paint radio but it's the same listener now with two or more 
reasons to stay with your brand versus going out of house for another.  
And with ease in programming HD radio tuners....  It just takes some 

Bill O'Neill

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