Clear Channel Yanks Rush In New Orleans

Bob Nelson
Fri Feb 29 11:29:57 EST 2008

Clear Channel yanked Rush in Providence, putting it on their own WHJJ.

As for advertisers not wanting to buy time, it has also happened on
the Right here locally, as WTTT dumped its conservatalk lineup
for Spanish-language religion. The syndicated (though Don Feder
was briefly a host, IIRC) talk didn't click on 1150 with advertisers
or listeners, just as the AAR/Jones hosts didn't work out
for Clear Channel's AM properties in Boston. Clear Channel
also found itself pulling prog talk in New Haven, Providence,
Akron, San Diego...And some of those stations had
better signals and even local hosts.

A friend in the radio biz told me that the big companies like
Clear Channel have lots of money put into these stations and
they estimate their profits in each quarter--and when the profits don't
reach expectations, changes happen.

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