Clear Channel Yanks Rush In New Orleans
Fri Feb 29 11:59:21 EST 2008

I have a theory on why Air America and Jones hosts have problems
clearing stations and attracting advertisers.

Listeners who would be attracted to left leaning hosts also tend to
listen to NPR and will not tolerate long commercial breaks.

when CC blew up WXKS and standards including a popular morning host
with older listeners they spent a lot of in house money promoting 1430
and 1200 on billboards and taxicab ads that CC controls. All it
accomplished was the old WXKS crowd discovering WJIB. The NPR
listeners didn't budge.

That said WWZN could not possibly do any worse with left leaning talk
compared to what they have now. I don't know how 1510 can pay their
electric bill as this is a station with ZERO listeners during the day.
WEEI and WAMG are where the sports fans go.

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