WTTT-1150 improved signal northward (and 1600 is poorer)

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Fri Feb 29 08:57:13 EST 2008

Mr Glavin, who lives in Methuen, has repeatedly commented that WTTT is
not changing to night pattern at sunset. He first did so at least a
month before the start of the Radio Luz LMA. I can neither confirm nor
deny his assertion because I live so close to WTTT that the only way I
could confirm would be to listen for the pattern change and I have not
been curious enough to tune in just before sunrise or sunset and
listen to a language that I don't understand to see if I can hear it.
Your observation appears to provide corroboration, though.

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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> Over the past two or three weeks, the night signal of WTTT-1150 has
> become much stronger here at my location in the Pinehurst
> (southeast) section of Billerica, 8 miles due north of their Concord
> Ave., Lexington antenna site.
> This seems to have coincided with the format change from
> conservative talk to Spanish.
> Formerly at night, they'd dominate the channel but there was a fair
> amount of interference from WMRD, CKOC, CHGM, and others.
> Now it's in like a ton of bricks, almost as good as the Boston 50
> kW's with the exception of WRKO which is only 3 miles away.
> I'm wondering if this is accidental or intentional.  Did the FCC
> allow some loosening of the protection towards Quebec and Ontario
> co-channels ?
> I'd think that listeners up into the Lowell and Lawrence area (about
> 10-12 miles north of here) would be getting at least a passable 1150
> signal at night versus the complete rubbish they used to get.
> Perhaps Dan Strassberg or one of the other facilities experts can
> comment.
> The station does nothing for me now.  I wish they'd bring back the
> 1961-version WCOP that I enjoyed when I was going to the Brackett
> elementary school in Arlington.  Eddy Mitchell was quite the
> character for after-school listening.
> One metro-Boston signal is noticeably poorer at night here:
> WUNR-1600.  I used to tune their Irish show (on one of the
> weeknights) occasionally.  The signal was far from perfect, but
> generally listenable.
> Over the last month or two, they are taking major grief here from
> WWRL NYC just about every night.
> If they jack up their power, maybe they'll be a contender again.
> Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

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