Subject: Voice-over Flubs
Wed Feb 27 07:23:58 EST 2008

I think CFOX dropped Top 40 around 1970 after CKGM adopted a format
similar to CHUM in Toronto. For whatever reason CJMS 1280 didn't seem
as popular with the French teens as CKGM was. CKGM was more in tune
with the city with studios near the Forum in Westmount while CFOX was
located 15 miles away in Point Claire.

I remember CFCF also had a studio at Expo. I knew of them as they were
on SW as well.

In 1965 I visited Montreal with my parents and my Dad was distraught
that Woo Woo came in loud and clear but not the Red Sox. I came to the
rescue by telling him about WTIC. 2 nights later outside Quebec City
he was delighted that he could get 4 of his 5 presets clear (Woo Woo
has suddenly learned French ) with WHDH being the strongest followed
by WEZE.

1510 might still be transmitting from Quincy today had it not been for
their time with the Red Sox. They were told they would lose the
contract unless they could fix the signal so John Harrington could
hear the games at his home in Westwood. Moving to Waltham didn't work.

Did 1510 ever get 50K at night from Quincy?
I suspect they must have because I can't fathom the Red Sox leaving
HDH for a 5 KW signal. I don't understand why they left WHDH to begin
with. The change happened after the 75 regular season with the
playoffs on 1510. Was it simply money? Yawkey will still alive so I
doubt that was a factor. Something else must have happened to anger
the team.

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