Subject: Voice-over Flubs

Eli Polonsky
Wed Feb 27 02:47:07 EST 2008

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>Funny thing was I was amazed as a young teen how clear WMEX 
>came into Montreal at night in the 60's.

My family went up for "Expo '67", and I was surprised at how 
much stronger WMEX was at night in Montreal than where I was
growing up in west suburban Newton, where their directional 
groundwave was especially weak at night. WRKO (and of course
WBZ) were loud and strong at night as well.

>Then in 1967 WRKO became popular at night in Montreal as the 
>Top 40 station there CFOX had a hideous nighttime signal that 
>could not make it into downtown.

I don't remember catching CFOX, but I was impressed with the
Top 40 that was on CKGM, then at 980. According to on-line
histories, CKGM wasn't yet Top 40 full-time in 1967 and was
running talk shows at times, but they were Top 40 during the
times of day when I caught them, sounding somewhat like WMEX.
I remember that they also had a remote DJ booth on the air
from the Expo.


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