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Was Mac still living when 1510 moved to 111 Broadway? Is that section
of downtown called Bay Village? Around the corner from 57 Park Plaza
and across the street from the magnificent Milner Hotel? If Mac was
still living when 1510 moved there, I'm pretty sure that he must not
have been by the time they moved away. Wasn't the station WITS by that
time? If so, wouldn't that mean it had been purchased by the
Cincinnati people--Mariner Broadcasting? I believe Mariner was the
outfit that moved the transmitter from Quincy to Waltham in 1981. I
think that Mariner also owned WLW. Didn't Mariner go bankrupt not long
after they bought WMEX? I remember that Dana Hersey, who had been
doing AM drive, tried to buy 1510 out of bankruptcy, but he didn't
succeed and the station then went dark for maybe six months. I think
that would have been during the winter of 1986-1987. When it came back
on the air, the studios were in Cummings Park in Woburn, I think.
Didn't the studios remain in Woburn until Peter Davidson bought the
station not long ago and moved them to Marina Bay in Quincy? Somewhere
along the way, the calls were changed to WMRE with a horrible adult
standards format and to WNRB, under the ownership of  Communicom, with
a religious format, It may have still been WNRB when it flipped to
Spanish. I don't remember who owned it then. Somewhere, there must be
a timeline that shows powers, studio/transmitter locations, owners,
formats, call letters, and other significant historical events.

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> I would have thought that was Arnie's brother.

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